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Background: Regular 20-something, doing a PhD in Microbiology. Obsessively organised yet lazy. Very literary. Bit evil. Suffers from an OCD, but is combating it vigorously. Door-challenged. Sarcastic and cynical to the point of disbelief, but is known to have a fairly happy view of life.

This is supposedly my page, but I’m already writing it for the sake of others. Thoughts have a way of their own. Sometimes while thinking, not intending that its an infrequent act on my part, a thought may form that seems beyond your abilities. It comes easier while writing, that an idle thought grows into a mature idea. And you step back and wonder, “Not bad eh?”. This site is as yet unfinished and not open to opinions. (Comments are welcome, only if they are in suprelative praise of me :D). Hell, lets face it, the thought of having created a website is…. rather good.

***Under Construction*** -Watch out for falling adjectives.

Note: I may use pretty pictures that don’t always belong to me. If I used one of yours, then sorry, I shall remove/acknowledge. Congrats as well cause your picture was famous enough to come up on a google image search.


Comments on: "About" (6)

  1. OK, I have a question.

    What is trichlotillomania?

    (I haven’t searched Wikipedia yet… am I too lazy? :P)

  2. Seriously, you could’ve found that out in the time it took to type ‘Trichotillomania’! And, its just a OCD i’ve formed, trying to break.. now ‘m thinkin i shouldn have added it here :P.

  3. What made u think I *typed* that? 😛

  4. He he.. :D, my mistake.

  5. Haha, you did remove the name of your OCD 😛 😀

  6. Let’s just say its to avoid further confusions, or the publicity of the OCD :P.

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