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Summer and Fall


I’ve always been a summer girl. I like to step outside onto the grass and feel the warm earth, the warm breeze, the warm smell of summer flowers.. be it in India or in US. I’ve always thought Summer is my season. I have memories of Gujarat from some 20 years ago, when I would while away the hot afternoons swinging beneath the copper pod tree. There would be a breeze, the hot summer loo and that dryness in the earth, littered with the yellow flowers of the tree. I loved that season. In Bangalore, the Gulmohars and Rain trees would bloom, and even though it was hot and dry.. there is a calmness in a summer afternoon or evening that brings fond memories.


There is happiness in lying down in the grass beside a stream and smelling the peony’s, listening to the sounds of activities around you. There is so much daylight in summer, so much potential to get out there and do anything you want. Maybe I overly associate with the fact that summer’s are when School/College was off, and I actually had time to relax in the afternoons and play in the evenings. Maybe it’s cause Summers are when all friends meet up and go on road trips or kayaking. But there is something about seeing the green lush liveliness of Summer (or early Summer in India) that makes me feel just as alive.

But this time around, Fall has kept me waiting. My favorite season Summer has dragged on well into October.. and the warm breezes in the afternoon, the thundershowers in the evening are still around. Except for today, when as I stepped out into the orange morning sun (why is the sun so orange in Autumn?).. I could smell Fall. I smelled that crisp feeling of a cool morning with leaves crunching beneath my feet. And suddenly, I long for a cold evening, without any breeze, with just the cold frost creeping in.

fall on drillfield

I yearn to sit outside and sip something warm, watching the drawn-out sunset from a lawn littered with red and yellow leaves. I yearn to bundle up in jackets, scarves and gloves. I couldn’t believe that I was actually waiting for winter. Summer is a time for action but Fall is a time to sit back and relax. Fall is a time to let out the breath you’ve been holding, fold up the picnic spread and nestle in your home. Maybe I’m just tired this Friday, and I want a relaxed weekend. Maybe I’ve finally learnt that each season needs its own time and a land with forever summer (aka San Diego) or forever winter (Canada) would never satisfy me.

Orange sunset across drillfield

Orange trees in fall color

red autumn tree