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The Great Gatsby

My previous post had started out as a review for The Great Gatsby, but it didn’t quite reach that level. Here’s what I really wanted to say:


The movie is a brilliant adaptation of the book, which is no easy feat for any movie. The book itself is not an easy read. I haven’t lived in the 1920’s, or in New York, so understanding the vibe of the novel was a bit hard the first time I read it many years ago. But I can tell you, the movie is exactly how I pictured the book while reading it. You should still read the book for the story though, a love story in any setting is not hard to comprehend. You can understand Jay Gatsby’s endless optimism to repeat the past and make his life with Daisy. You can understand Tom Buchanan’s inability to let go of his current lifestyle.. and you can even understand Daisy Buchanan’s cowardice, who ends up being less brave than what she (and the audience) thought she could be. This story has no hero, no heroine, no villain.. it has 3 bad role models in fact. And the 3 main actors in this movie show this point perfectly, especially Dicaprio. His face will always be Gatsby’s face now.. he’s done it that well. Tobey Maguire was never a favorite actor of mine, and his role in the movie I thought was just passable.. can’t help criticizing, I just don’t like him (and since it’s my blog I guess I’m allowed to be unfair 🙂 ). There’s a lot of talk about the hip-hop music that was used in this movie, and not swing or jazz that was actually around in that era. I was surprised with the songs initially, but all in all it didn’t distract from the plot.

In the movie all makes sense. At the theater, I was surprised to hear the audience that ooh-ed and aah-ed with the movie, collectively enraptured by the drama. The movie is not as contemporary as the reviews say, it still played out like an olden movie to me. All in all it’s an elaborate and entertaining drama.  I definitely enjoyed the movie, and I hope you will give it a try and see for yourself too :).



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