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… and draw out the “oh..”s from the audience. One movie where he can live and there be a happy ending, so I won’t leave the theater feeling like I’ve lost something, again. The guy makes it so hard to be a love-struck fan :). Ever since Titanic.. Dicaprio has been pulling at heartstrings. I have read The great gatsby many times, but never did I have that sense of loss like I did after watching this movie, with Dicaprio’s portrayal of Jay Gatsby. I understand, in some stories it was inevitable.. like Baz Luhrmans Romeo +Juliet. I mean, they both gotta die.. it wouldn’t be a tragedy otherwise. But did he have to die, seeing Juliet waking up and knowing what a mistake he made? Or die in the false hope that it was Daisy’s call? Did Danny Archer have to die making that phone call to Maddy? And really, did Rose really HAVE to let him go?! Coincidence? I think not folks! 

Maybe it’s a way for the character to achieve mortality, dying on screen. There will never be another Danny Archer, but with his death I feel that he had really lived. Here’s a list of the famous death scenes from Dicaprio, to watch and lose something all over again: http://news.moviefone.com/2013/05/06/leonardo-dicaprio-movie-death-scenes_n_3224790.html#slide=2421925


Movies Dicaprio dies in :


The quick and the dead

Total eclipse

Shutter Island



Blood Diamond

Django Unchained

The Great Gatsby

Gangs of New york


J. Edgar


Movies he lives in:

Revolutionary Road

Catch me if you can

Marvin’s Room

Body of Lies

The Beach

What’s eating Gilbert Grape


In compiling this list, I realized he doesn’t always die. Ok faaaine, I’ll end my rant. 


Comments on: "I’d like to see one movie where Leonardo Dicaprio doesn’t die.." (1)

  1. He doesn’t die in Inception btw

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