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We Remember: 04/16/07

It’s a dark and rainy day in Blacksburg, with thunder booming above us and sheets of rain falling on the town. (Tomorrow’s forecast however is calm and sunny, go figure). But for today, it’s a dark, stormy day. I’d like to imagine that the weather remembers the madness and cruelty of a day 4 years ago. I didn’t know anyone who died that day, I wasn’t here, I wasn’t a hokie then. My professor lost a student, my labmate lost a colleague, my student lost her boyfriend, my friend lost her friend. This campus is still grieving for its loss. I’m touched by the magnamity of a campus that refuses to forget,¬† or let the day be any other normal day. 9000 people were ready to run 3.2 miles in remembrance of the lives lost.¬†Those 9000 will turn up for the candle light vigil regardless of the rain and wind. I don’t know why we do it. I don’t know what fuels the stubborness to remember. But we will all still write down and remember this date. I guess, it’s a Hokie thing.