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Surviving your quarter-life crisis

:To all the twenty-somethings who have graduated from college and are not married. (If you’re married, look for advice columns on mid-life crisis. Your life’s half done.)

Quite a few of my friends in graduate school are on the verge of graduating, looking for jobs, filing OPTs and making career decisions. All of them are a little apprehensive, scared and unsure of what will happen once they do graduate.. and some wish they wouldn’t be graduating. Quite a few of my friends in graduate school are not graduating any time soon, looking at all the years they have left to spend in grad school before starting a career. All of them are a little apprehensive, scared and unsure of what will happen until they graduate.. and some wish they would be graduating right away, and moving on to the next stages of their lives.

To all my friends, welcome to your quarter-life crisis. Haven’t heard of this term before? (Lucky you). Check out the blog by Unknown here: http://www.cds.caltech.edu/~shane/text/quarterlifecrisis.html

Back? If the text on that bleak, black screen seemed to talk about you.. you’re on the right page. If it talks exactly what you are going through day in and day out.. get some help. Life isn’t that bad. It’s just swinging very wildly, happy moments and scary moments in succession. While it’s not always easy to be a perpetual monkey-on-crack,  I have phaith that we’ll deal with it and emerge a happier generation. So here goes my cynical, critical and sympathetic comments on surviving this stage of life, compiled from the net, from personal experience, and from being a granny.

  1. Vent out, but don’t whine. Yeah you don’t have a job, or a girlfriend, or a car or a combination of the lack of either of these. It’s ok, these things are a matter of time. Do I really have to listen to it every week??
  2. Don’t neglect health. Get enough sleep, relaxation, french-fries, exercise and alcohol. Well.. maybe you wanna cut down on the alcohol. Dont give up the fried food though!
  3. Live in denial. It keeps you young and immature, that’s what we’re aiming for folks! )I have a friend who recently celebrated his fifth 19th birthday. Be inspired.)
  4. This paper isn’t published yet, but acute quarter-life crisis is actually caused by the bug Growingup toosoonish. Chronic infections are caused by the bug Notgrowingup toosoonish. (I should at least get an Ignoble for this, ne?)
  5.  Blame the times. Apparently, it’s because of this fast-paced, competetive and high-expectation filled society that we’re suffering. Twenty somethings of our parents generation were more liberated, not as much in-debt and with better jobs. I’m not so sure about this one.. but it helps to blame something. Maybe I’ll blame global warming.

If you manage to do either of these self-asserted tips, let me know. If you managed to do something else to survive this stage, let me know. Fact of the matter is that the quarter-life crisis is just a fancy term for a few years of your life. Don’t give it any more thought than needed.. so get out, live your life.