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Allow me to boast

Vangibath! That odd looking plate of which the cook in our college canteen would always make so well.. is conquered. And this time, no vangibath mixes/powders were used either. All-from-scratch. I know, I’m awesome :D. After a lazy Monday at work, I surprisingly find motivation to make dinner. A very thorough and good recipe from Sailu’s kitchen and some awesome music helped me along the way. So what if I burnt my mixie, cut my finger (and proceeded to pinch salt using the same), ruined my blue sweater, roasted already roasted peanuts and ran away when the mustard begin to splutter? It’s conquered, done with. A crispy papad along with the steamy rice and I’m back in that college canteen.. just this time, not wondering however do they make this thing :). 

Check out the recipe sometime if you can.


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