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15 things you should do before you say there isn’t anything to do in Blacksburg

I love this dear town, and yes, I know.. it’s barely a town. But you’d be surprised at how much there is to do around here, if one can just step out a little. I’m leaving out the obvious things like, spend an evening at the Duckpond, hike the Cascades, watch the stars from the Drillfield etc etc. This is just an attempt to point out the different things you should try out if living in the lil town of Blacksburg for a couple of years.

  1. Watch a movie at the Lyric. Opened in 1930’s (the tapestries are still the same old ones), Lyric is a non-profit theatre (Read: $4 tickets, plus free popcorn on some nights) that always shows interesting movies and classics.
  2. Even better, volunteer at the Lyric. For around 30 mins of selling tickets, or manning the snacks bar, you get movie passes, snacks and the joy of helping out.
  3. Become a member of the Blacksburg public library. Don’t know where that is? Find out!
  4. Visit the YMCA thrift store, you’ll always find something eclectic. Their book fair in October is a great place to pick up used books as well. There are oppurtunities to volunteer with them as well.
  5. See the annual Blackburg Holiday parade downtown. Even with the nasty December weather.. downtown is a pleasing sight to see with decorated lights, food stalls, free hot chocolate, the huge christmas tree and the parade passing through. Walk through Farmer’s market occassionally to get to know of other events.
  6. Participate in the Big Event in April. ” VT’s largest service event with thousands of students completing hundreds of community service projects throughout Blacksburg, Christiansburg and the New River Valley.”
  7. Ride the Hokie Express all the way around. Do you know where it’s time check is, hmm..?
  8. Ice skate at the Hand-in-Hand park. Not really that essential. Drive yourself to Roanoke and ice-skate at the community civic centre if you want a nicer rink.
  9. Visit Roanoke sometime. More than just the airport, the greyhound terminus and Tazaa.
  10. Experience at least one symphony, concert, ballet, skit or theatre at the Henderson Hall.
  11. Art fan? Visit the local galleries downtown. Sports fan? Swim, run, exercise, play racquetball, squash, basketball or badminton at the War memorial gym (Schiffert can count too).
  12. Participate in Diwali! Yes, you must must must.. at least once :). Ask anyone who has participated in Diwali, spending every ounce of free time and energy in the Fall semester to put together this show. Sure, they’ll complain.. but I doubt anyone regrets it.
  13. Visit the golf course on south main street that has a very nice valley view-point. I didn’t get a link for this one, but it is a nice place to get a good view of the neighbouring mountain ridges.
  14. Drive to Mountain lake. Not much else you can do there but enjoy the view sadly. I’m told there’s a lifesize chessboard, so that should be something. And hey, maybe some remnants of Dirty Dancing.
  15. (Added on behalf of my friend, when I asked for more tips) Graduate.


This list may increase further, at which point I’ll title the post ” 20 things you should do before you say there isn’t anything to do in Blacksburg”. I’m still thinking as of now. Suggest some if you may.


Allow me to boast

Vangibath! That odd looking plate of which the cook in our college canteen would always make so well.. is conquered. And this time, no vangibath mixes/powders were used either. All-from-scratch. I know, I’m awesome :D. After a lazy Monday at work, I surprisingly find motivation to make dinner. A very thorough and good recipe from Sailu’s kitchen and some awesome music helped me along the way. So what if I burnt my mixie, cut my finger (and proceeded to pinch salt using the same), ruined my blue sweater, roasted already roasted peanuts and ran away when the mustard begin to splutter? It’s conquered, done with. A crispy papad along with the steamy rice and I’m back in that college canteen.. just this time, not wondering however do they make this thing :). 

Check out the recipe sometime if you can.