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The thing about Religion

Eskimo: “If I did not know about God and sin, would I go to hell?”

Priest: “No, not if you did not know.”

Eskimo: “Then why did you tell me?”

-Annie Dillard


The thing about Religion is that.. unless you point it out, it isn’t there.


The Land of Lost Things

They must go somewhere, these things that get lost. I am sure there is a cobweb-covered attic in some corner of this world where all the safety pins, receipts, frisbees, socks,  usb drives and chapsticks go.

 I dont’ like losing things. Well, redundant statement there. I’m sure nobody likes losing things. I just have a hard time getting over lost things. Like just last week, having lost my college ID card for the second time in 10 days.. I wasn’t ready to admit it was lost. I mean, there’s no where it can go! There are only a limited number of places where the thing could have fallen.. and I cannot comprehend why I shouldn’t just find it sitting on the floor in front of me. I eventually did get a new one made ( you know it’s a bad sign when the lady at the replacement ID card office recognizes you :P). I distinctly remember having a near nervous breakdown after losing my favourite black-ink Parker pen. I was devastated. I was also a teenager and rather prone to melodrama.. but nevertheless.

What sucked the most is while ranting out about the confounded ID to my friend H, he quipped back my ‘ol line to me.. “things that are lost while be found again”. I cursed myself for putting on airs and having said that once upon a time. But hey, back then I did have reasons. A pair of earrings I’d lost at my Grandma’s house one summer was found the next summer, right under the swing. Another gold chain was lost at sea, and found on the ocean bed as the tide receded (we weren’t even looking for this one!). My firm belief in ‘things-will-be -found-again spiel however came about with my favourite guitar plectrum. It was this dirty white one that had been roughed out rather bad, but was the only thing I could play with. And one fine day it was nowhere to be found. The usual melodrama followed with me turning the house upside down, accusing mom of not caring where things are and sulking for the whole evening. I eventually gave up looking for it.. tried my hands at some new plucks, but never quite got to using any of them. Autumn came and passed, winter came and passed, and somewhere in spring 6 months after I lost it.. I found it on one of our window sills. It must’ve flown off the terrace one day and landed there. Whatever be the case, I had found it :). And then onwards I started believing that things that are lost will be found again.

*Sigh. No point boasting about that now, is there? $40 spent in two replacement IDs and now I can’t find the cash receipt. I don’t really lose things often. Yeah right! There wouldn’t be this post if that were true eh?

I can see it clearly now, that attic with a window through which slanted rays of sunlight mingle with dust. My book of wit and wisdom, with my black Parker pen and that blue water bottle on one side, and the more recently lost college ID’s, store receipts and pink frisbee on another side.. and of course a million or so safety pins. All neatly sorted in time. Untill someday when I remember where they are, and I can pull them back to this world. ‘Cause, don’t you know, things that are lost will be found again.