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Is it good?

Review on Avatar, watched in 2D.

No. Uh huh. Nope. Absolutely not.

Before we proceed any further and I justify this biased stance of mine, I’d like to put forth a disclaimer. A lot of my friends have watched it, enjoyed the movie, and have watched it twice as well. There must be something(s) that I overlooked that made the movie enjoyable. So definitely do go watch and form your opinions. This is just me getting out all that I had wanted to say.. and didn’t have the heart to with my friends.

The plot of Avatar is fairly known by now. This is my first point of complaint. A complete lack of originality, value or simple sense in the plot that struck as me as obtusely cliched. Why would I bother so much with this though? Why not let it be.. it’s just a movie after all? I don’t know. Maybe I expected something much more from a movie that claims so much. Maybe I’m just super critical. Wait, there’s no maybe in the second point :P. Anyway.. plot was cliched. Villain was villain, and though villain had all the cool gadgets he is still bad without question. The hero when a man is your typical patriotic soldier, all for serving his commander’s order.. and while an ‘avatar’ is all for mother earth and Gaya gig. Something repulsive in that itself if you ask me. Now I would be an environmentalist if not for bring in grad school, and I appreciate nature a lot. But the whole “I was blind before.. but I fell in love with a forest” routine did not fool me. You have the super smart scientist   (but who cannot handle a pippette); who understands the broader goal, is headbutting against a management that’s singularly profit minded. The aliens were as aliens would be, even down to the jealous boyfriend-to-be of our heroine. No character was dealt with any amount of conviction, depth or significance.

The dialogues were not memorable. Throughout the movie I had a feeling that I’ve heard this kinda lines many times before. So, plot and dialogues get a no-go from me. Next comes the effects and gadgets. I watched it in 2D.. so I really cant comment on the effect. The big machines that can walk and are extremely dextrous didnt impress me, and neither did the flying reptiles come across as anything else. So, lets leave it at that. All these points are very biased, and I know that I’m not as displeased with all this as much as with the fact that the movie just irritated me. It seemed arrogant, even obnoxious, the way they showed the military being total brutes, the scientist being all aware and the aliens being oh-so-pure.

And what was the point of it all? What was the crux of the movie?? What did the director hope to show us.. these awesome effects, but is that it? I guess I’ve overthought this. Trying to find the meaning of life in a film meant to be enjoyed for its animations. And that’s where my review fails as compared to other, more positive reviews. But is it a good movie? Would I want you guys to go to the theatre and experience this for 3 hours?

No comments :P.


Comments on: "Is it good?" (2)

  1. Finally!!! I find someone who’s opinion about this movie are similar to that of mine!! 🙂

  2. Phew, purpose of the blog served.

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