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Revolutionary Road

My favourite part of watching a movie with friends is getting to talk about it later. To discuss it, ridicule it.. see what smart comments others have to say for it and then profess your own impressions. Some movies are worth it. Unfortunately, I didnt get to do any of that after watching Revolutionary Road, and thus am forced into refuge here.


Its a good movie. As in, the actors acted as good actors do and the plot evolved as good plots do. Technically speaking, the direction seemed too… artsy. Staged and dramatic almost. (Frankly, on a friday evening I’d rather not watch another movie about middle class mediocrity and mundaneness). But there are some bits that stand out… some dialogues that make so much sense. The ‘crazy’ son of the Wheeler’s agent, who questions why everything must be like it is. April’s enthusiasm in doing something rash, in wanting to live and not just exist. Frank’s emotions on facing something larger than himself. Good themes the story portrays there.

If this was a book, and it probably is, i’d much rather read it. I think i prefer my cinema to be (without sounding cheeky) more visual in its ideas. Well, they do portray america in the 1950’s really well.. looks like i have no words for its criticism. Watch it and let me know if you have any.


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