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Of Candles and Power cuts

Why does such a developed country like US, unknown to power cuts, have an aisle of candles in every departmental store? When I first came across the candles, I thought they were simply beautiful. So many myraid colours, shapes and smells. Look at how nice the name sounds! Fresh Cotton, Morning Dew, Apples and Cinnamon. What joy to wrap up scents of happiness in a glass canister. What did you say? Light them?? Whatever for.. it gets all black and spews an acrid smoke all around the house. Now wouldnt that look pretty sitting on the window sill, throwing off sunbeams and pretending to be essential.

This excitement of mine didnt last very long. I sorely missed the plain candles we had back home. The ones with a thick wick, drab white colour and of a long, practical shape. I miss having to light them when the power goes, which was invariably when it rained. I miss having to sit by its flickering light on the dinner table, not because it was pretty but it was the only source of light. I miss the need of having to use them. Does the power ever go off here? Doesn’t anyone want to stand outside and be able to see the stars without being blinded by unnecessary lights? Maybe not.

 One of these days the many unsuspecting candles in my apartment are going to find themselves running short of time. Save them for a better day? No way. Would the lifetime of a candle measure in the amount of time it sits idle or the time it takes as it blazes away? Who cares. I’m done letting them sit around, its time for them to prove their existence, and make a good show of it.
Will let you know how that goes, once the fire brigades have all left.


Comments on: "Of Candles and Power cuts" (10)

  1. Civilization will come to an end the moment power goes.

  2. You actually plan to use candles?? Interesting…

  3. Civilization will come to an end the moment power goes…?

    I dont think so. Good thing about the human civilazation is that it always finds a way. There would be chaos, disruption of life as we know it etc etc.. but that wont be the end of civilization.

  4. mamata!! :D said:

    Missing Bangalore’s load shedding eh? 😉

    So, you bought the candles…because the names are so pretty…? 😛 living on your own sure is teaching you some practicality… 😀

    ps: Send me your id, haven’t been on gmail since long, and will be so for a few more weeks i guess 😦 and just now it struck me that revathy has a blog 😛 chalo, respond quickly, else i’ll write to you here itself (…you wouldn’t mind, but :P)

  5. mamata!! :D said:

    😐 i can’t access gmail. But i can see on igoogle that you’ve mailed me your address 😐 Anyway, i’m not being lazy…just feeling li’l neanderthal without gmail and gtalk 😛

  6. Wow.. neandethrals had better communication links, IT mein hi ho na :D? anyway, i dont mind the community billboard here :P. How’s job wagera??

  7. mamata!! :D said:

    IT mein hi hain, but we don’t use anonymizers and proxies 😛 honest log hain, work time pe work sincerely…whenever we get breaks from socializing 😛 it’s all good, fun… Cubicles are nice…and there’s a white board, and it gets a lot on it…powerpuff girls, courage the cowardly dog, blah bleh everything. Cubicle na dekar sirf white board dete toh bhi theek tha 😛 What’s with you? Getting in touch with your neanderthal side?

  8. Heh. Missing the powercuts? Or in fact missing the occasional darkness and the clean skies?

    The comment about civilization coming to an end with the loss of power reminds me of the Isaac Asimov story “Nightfall”. Read it, if you can.

    (mere paas hai; leke padhna hai to bolna 🙂 )

  9. And the fire trucks haven’t arrived yet ?? 😛

  10. @Arnab: Just wouldnt you know… GLC mein candles jalana allowed nahi hai. Fire trucks on hold for now.

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