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Disappointments occur in life. They may be severe, they may be sparse and yet again they may seem to be coming all at once. Life’s not easy.. Life’s just life, all ups, downs and awful in-betweens included. We get to accept and get over most of them, but it takes courage and hope to get through the harder ones of life’s disappointments.

Today in lab a colleague had a major setback in his research, a semester worth of work down the drain, effectively. He was (obviously) very upset and standing there explaining it to our adivsor he looked miserable. I wanted to tell him that these things happen. “Why? Its sometimes just bad luck, its sometimes a faulty wiring in our large scheme of things and sometimes it just is. Yeah, i know, that sucks.. but we can move on anyway. It’s going to be alright. ”
These very things my roomate had tried to explain to me the previous friday, as I was upset over the death of someone I loved and adored. Her words had made some sense but right then I couldnt grasp it. They are both disappointments, can I take these two disappointments the same way? Death is of an absolute magnitude, the only thing in life that is 100% certain they say. Setbacks in research just hamper your academic stride, temporarily. But in different degrees, both are unexpected and unfortunate, both leave you feeling helpless and scared to look ahead. In different degrees.
So what do we do now?

Nothing, thats all i know. Life will go on, without giving a hoot about what happened to you. Things will get better and a day will come when it all makes sense again. “hey, look, it worked!” You might slowly forget the fear and uncertainity, you’ll relax and let yourself be carried away in life’s stride. Time will blur the pain. Life will go on until the next disappointment comes its way, and we are back to square one. Don’t misunderstand me, life’s not about going from one disappointment to another.. there’re times when its going from one joy to another. The whole point in life seems to be to just move. And its better if we just move on ourselves. I’m sorry it had to happen and I’m sorry you had to go thru it. Yes, there is uncertainity in the future, but there is also a possibility. Some friends, family, a lil prayer, courage and hope.. and then life.


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