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How not to make a Pancake

Write about what you know the best :D.

Its unfair sometimes how I just can’t get cooking right. Everytime I forget the disaster of my previous attempt and try a new one.. I’m back to square one. The first chapathi I ever made caught fire. I had to chuck it in the sink and douse the flames. My mom didnt even know till that day that they were inflammable. Beyond being funny, this is nothing to boast of. Cooking is so basic yet essential, and it irks me that I just dont seem to get it right. My poor kids will have to survive on Maggi and peanut butter sandwiches (Hmm.. not too bad a proposition). Anyway, being in the US of A and in command of a kitchen I attempted a US breakfast and shall faithfully recount what should not be done, by personal experience of course.

Pancakes require very basic, distinguishable ingredients. Flour, baking powder, salt, sugar, milk, egg and melted butter. You can find good recipes online, and I suggest following them word-to-word if this is your first attempt.  

Dont’s #1: There is a fine distinction between tablespoon and teaspoon, very perceptable in the final product. Do not add too much baking powder, unless you want the pancakes to blow up.

Dont’s #2: Chose a bowl that you think will fit all ingredients, and when mixing will not throw it all out.

Dont’s #3: Salt and Sugar are similar in this country. Be very very careful adding them.

Dont’s #4: There is a fine distinction between tablespoon and teaspoon. Only 1 small teaspoon of salt please!

Dont’s #5: Melting butter is not a piece of cake and the microwave doesnt always work well with it.

Dont’s #6: Its not ok!

Dont’s #7: There’s a reason pancakes are small and not spread out like dosas. The larger you make them, the more likely they are to break when you flip, and the more eager they are to spread all over the pan.

Dont’s #8: Electric stoves do not sim immediately (I suspect they ever sim actually).

Do’s #1: Enough Chocolate syrup and a kind enough room-mate make awful pancakes seem better.


All in all its a fun experience. I shall try again and not lose phaith. Perserverance, right? And anyway.. its always good to leave scope for improvements :).


Comments on: "How not to make a Pancake" (4)

  1. Perserverance, phaith, try… i see lots of recognizable words there. :).

    And inflammable Chapatis? The world is a strange place!

  2. He he he. This sounds hilarious. 🙂 😀

    But yes, keep trying!! At some point you’ll find it’s not too hard… 🙂

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