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A First Christmas

Christmas came quietly this year.

No Secret Santas, no paper stars

and no malls covered in green and red.

 All thats needed for the day to pass by as what it is.. just another day,

But it doesn’t.

A friend wishes  “Peace on earth to people of good will”. 

Goodwill? I wonder,

Is there still some of that left in us?

Yes. Regardless of the injustice we witness

there’s something good in this world

and its worth fighting for.

And tonight, white or not

christmas came,

as evidence of the good that’s been,

and the good that’s yet to come.


Christmas previously meant holidays, cousins and cold weather. This time around however, I was fortunate to experience a more traditional christmas with my host family in Blacksburg. (I was very close to letting christmas pass me by, spending the day on my own. Luckily, it turned out quite the opposite). I had a good dinner with a warm family, listened to their ‘home-stories’, gave them some of mine and played songs around the christmas tree. Somewhere in the middle of listening to the guitar strum and the dog sigh I felt that happiness can be found in the most natural of things.. a family. And christmas or not, the world’s a pleasant place after all. 

Wishes for a wonderful season to all.


Comments on: "A First Christmas" (3)

  1. Yes, a traditional Christmas is very very charming indeed. 🙂

    My first Blacksburg Xmas I spent with my host family, this Xmas with close friends… I’d say both of those days were spent with family, only of different kinds.

    Blessed, aren’t we?

  2. Blessed and lucky 🙂

  3. sounds like fun… :).

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