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The Adventures of Cycling

More like the romance of cycling. I doubt there is any other exercise that frees the mind as much as cycling outdoors does. The inspiration for this piece started as I rented out a bike, to ride across campus and give my final exams. Exam done, I figure why not wander around a bit before heading back to the dorm and preparing for another day, another exam. Thats just half the reason. I’ve been eyeing the bikes (american for cycles :P) ever since I knew they could be rented out. Its just that the weather’s so darn cold. If its not cold, its wet. If it is warm and dry, I’m probably out of town. Anyway, the spark of spontaneity paid off and I was cycling aimlessly (which in my opinion,  is the only way one must cycle).

I’ve never explored the scape beyond the college and my extent of exploration was only as far as where the buses could go. It was pure joy, in having no boundaries and being free to go wherever it pleased. The scenery was mostly barns and fields with the regular assortment of cows, horses and cosy lil cottages.  The unsteadiness of riding a bike after so long and the cold wind were hardly discernable once I was out of sight of civilization. I must have biked a long way, cause even the wayside cows seemed to notice as I biked along. Of course, the ride was not all hunky-dory. I was out of breath after about 20 secs of cycling and I constantly found myself on the wrong side of the road, trying to get back to the right side, and then eventually losing judgement on which confounded side of the road ppl ride here. I was almost sure that I might have reached the next county, when surprisingly a familiar student apartment complex loomed ahead. Turns out I hadn’t come that far after all.

I shall leave the county for my next adventure on the bike. And eventually, I shall bike all the way to the mountains :D. Ok, maybe not that far. Nevertheless, I was glad to know that the Don Quixotic tendencies I’ve inherited from my dad have not yet been buried by reason and age.

And here’s my passing suggestion: “Get a bicycle.  You will not regret it if you live.”  ~Mark Twain


Comments on: "The Adventures of Cycling" (2)

  1. Yes, the bike…

    I just hate the hilly, uphill parts… 😛 😀

  2. True! There’re way too many slopes.. but all in all, its worth it :).

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