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November Snow, December Rain

At which confounded corner of the earth can we find snow in November and rains in December? My corner, apparently. And the last time I checked, the monsoons weren’t quite fond of the blue ridge mountains. Ah, I’m gonna shrug off the anomalies to good ‘ol global warming, who has been taking the flak on just about anything, from erratic weather to the economic recession.

At the beginning of the day, I’d imagined I’ll write about glorious rain that’s not a mere drizzle but loud enough to be heard as you wake up. In fact the morning was pretty good, the rain just like it feels back home. The afternoon was just right too, for big research and watching the rain fall outside. Murphy must’ve peeped into the lab while I wasn’t looking, else I cant explain how such well-mannered rain turned so heavy the min I left the building. Or how of all the days the bus skipped my stop today. And how by the time I reached home, I was thoroughly drenched on one side and totally numb throughout. I think I’m ready for some snow now. Of course, that doesn’t mean that I wont complain when it snows, but I wouldn’t mind some snow now anyway.

At the end of it all, the day was not that bad, getting soaked included (Now that I’m warm). The campus looked beautiful, and the Drillfield seemed to be floating in lights. Something about rainy days.. doesn’t go on like all others. What shall nature make us witness tomorrow? A spectacular sunset over the mountains with people oblivious to it? Snow powdered paths and frozen steps? Who knows. I dont even want to know. Guess I shall just let things be and go my way, with the satisfaction that I wrote 3 paragraphs all starting with ‘At’ :P.


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  1. I like snow better than rain too (at least, here at Blacksburg), except I like the effect that rain leaves (the sky, the mistiness)… 😛

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