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Bangalore, Ahemadabad, Surat, Jodhpur, Mumbai. 5 attacks in a year already. “Terror strikes Mumbai, again”, a 6th time. Why? I dont know the answer.. and the title of this post is no justification to what follows. But long ago, I’d learnt that sometimes what matters is the questions that we chose to ask. 

Why is life so vulnerable?

Why is there a growing indifference to death?

More than that, how have we become so accepting of injustice?

How can someone be so insane?

What motive or purpose drove the terrorists?

What do they want? land, money or power?

What is done to the suicide bombers by the masterminds to make them so?

What goes on in their heads as they carry out their plans?

How can anybody be remorseless?

What can we do so that our vulenerability is not thrown on our faces again and again?

Is there sense in blaming?

Why would any outfit attack Mumbai so outfront and force India to drastic measures?

What do they gain by this?

What will we do if someday it affects us and we cant ignore it anymore?

Please let me know of any more questions that you think of. But dont give me any answers.

I dont want to hear people saying, “kill all the terrorists!” “The police force is useless” “We should not leave even 1 guilty go scott free”. No answer that is going to lower us to the levels of those whom we are against. Neither do I want to know that the terrorists are insane, that there are religious connotations and that they are wrong and we are right. These are not answers. There’s more to terror attacks.. It cant be mindless violence. 

Terrorism (Arabic hirabah) = Publicly directed violence carried out by individuals or groups that has the effect of spreading fear, by preventing people from taking any safekeeping measures against physical or property damage. It is a capital offense, and is unlawful and punishable to target the public in ways that make it impossible for people to live safely. This is how its defined by The Islam Project.

Why do you think an outfit wants to kill innocent people? What do they believe in that is so strong and allows them to do so? What do we mean when we say militants? Who are these people? have we considered the fact that there can be political backings to this attack? That its not to make a mockery of our cities but maybe to provoke us against some others? As a human I can’t comprehend so much at one go. I also cant leave all faith in humanity, civility and intelligence that charcterise us as a race.

I’d like to add an excerpt from Kim Peterson, talking about the war on Iraq: As much as one can understand what causes terrorism (whether the state or retail variety) it is difficult and morally questionable to construe sense out of such wanton, violent acts. However, insofar as understanding the root causes can thwart future acts of terrorism, the exercise in understanding is morally necessary. For humanity to cohabit the planet in peace, an equitable sharing of the planet and its treasures is fundamental.


Is the root cause corruption? Corruption that’s infiltrated the police force, the government, the judiciary and the morality of the public. There must be so many people involved in the recent attack with or without their knowing. A slight leniality on the part of a chowkidar, a small neglect on the part of an official all culminated into this. Can we truly become non-tolerant to terrorism? Maybe, if we can first be non-tolerant to corruption. Maybe, if every child is educated right from school about terrorism and public vigilance. Maybe if politics can implement long-term measures that last beyond 5 years, and go beyond their partite ideologies. Maybe if each individual considers it a responsibility to not provoke any sentiments, and not be biased in opinions. I dont know. I wish it was possible for people to sit together and make sense of it all. But I’m just not too sure anymore.





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