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Ho ho ho, and a bottle of rum.. move over autumn, winter’s come!

Ok, that’s lame. But its true! No more excuses, winter is here. I’ve said enough about the soft, slow romance of Autumn, and its time to welcome the brashness of winter. My roommates giving me sidey looks as I say this. Now, I have absolutely no tolerance for cold (having lived where normal humans ought to for most part of my life), and she’s just waiting for the full blast of winter, by when I’ll be back here and crying out for beloved spring.

I probably will do so very soon. But today, it feels good. It feels, at least. I woke up and its a different world from what was last night. Everything’s white :D. There’s snow falling everywhere.. and i never really believed it but snowflakes are like lace after all! Yeah, the snow’s gonna become ice tomorrow, and yes the wind’s cold too. But what I really love about this season right now is that it’s so raw and rude. I hope I never get used to snow, and that it always remains a fascination to me. Here, the cold is not in moderation, the white is not in moderation. Clean slate? Ah, not that easy. But a newer world nevertheless.


Serene and content, pure and white

where do you go when I try to reach out?

The world’s transformed into something else,

fantastical, magnamous and not true

If thats not what i call a dream,

then.. what can i call you?

** Still working on this**


Comments on: "Move over Autumn, Winter’s here!" (3)

  1. leanandgreen said:

    I’m jealous of your snow … we NEVER get snow anymore (North Georgia.)

  2. leanandgreen said:

    You should move the poem up … it’s good and it gets lost under Calvin.

  3. Thanks leanandgreen, Virginia would be glad to send over some snow if we could :).

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