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The Last Leaf to Fall

And so I wake up, surprisingly fresh and awake, on a wonderful Saturday morning. I look outside and I see that its raining, the pattering of the raindrops on the dry leaves mixing with the constant hum of the AC. Its raining and yet the day is vibrant. I step out to the balcony and take deep breaths almost afraid that the freshness I feel shall disappear soon. I also smiled out to the trees. I must admit, my friend has one helluva view from her balcony. I see a patch of lawn, big enough to hold 5-6 majestic trees in their post-fall glory, the 460, and then a meadow dotted with white cows. The cows must have been up much before me, but, they’re very strange animals anyway. And beyond the meadow, standing strong in the background of the landscape I see is the blue ridge (forever enveloping, forever eluding?).

By now my feet are numb but the moment being entirely my own I’m content. I first stretch and reach for the outline of the mountains and then slowly draw in till I see a barn, the cows and the meadow. My eyes slowly cross the road and come closer home and are struck, so suddenly, by a leaf. The tree right in front of me was wet like all the others around. And the leaf was the only one on it. The last one. One bright yellow leaf so alone in the starkness of the brown around it. I looked at every bare branch and confirmed that my leaf was the last. I was amused that this leaf had borne the night’s rain that had laid so many red-brown leaves on the road. I contemplated running in and getting the camera to picture it. I wanted to preserve the moment like everybody feels the need to. However, I was sure it would fall the minute I took my eyes off of it. So there I stand, holding it by my eyes and I really don’t know how long. In my mind I picture its soft fall as I see it sway in the wind, and still it stays strong. I stared at it long enough for it to let me know that she wouldn’t fall anytime soon. And then, I knew it wouldn’t. It would stay there even when the white snow fell, standing out bright and yellow against the pale white.

An hour or so later, having coffee with my now awake friends I look out the big window, and she’s still there. I point out to my friends, they’re amused. They get the cam and we take some pics. We pack up and leave to our respective homes for the slumber party is done, some of us still in need for sleep.

And then I was just happy.



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