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Autumn, the first time

Summer is one thing, monsoons quite another. What do i think of as i picture summer? Hot winds and dust flying about. Blue skies with puffed up clouds, a stillness and calm in the afternoon air. And Monsoons? What do i think about when i think of Monsoons? Kerala, always the first. The steady pour of grey rain, never depressing. Then Bangalore with its clean, tree lined roads. The joy of sitting out at the balcony with mum while sipping black tea.

And Autumn? I really could never say. It being one of the seasons you’ve heard of described in someone else’s words, but never quite really felt. But its autumn here right now. That odd season in transition from the warmth of summer to the calm of winter. The trees may have been a lil haphazard in their colors (And what a riot it’s caused! Some are still contemplating the change, while some are beyond red and into brown. The right few are flaming red into the blue blue sky). So here we have it, clear blue skies, fall colors on trees and the slow slant of the evening sun. Games being played across lawns and fields, books being read by a lake as the same light flits thru the many trees. Birds settling down, flying about and those little squirrels hopping around, in their perpetual search for acorns! You’d think they’d have enough nuts to last them a whole debate. Evenings are always glorious if spent outdoors. The feeling of the day being done, but not quite over yet. Of course, if you’ve been sitting and working throughout the evening.. keep the faith, and once, before the season is done, spend an evening outdoors.

Sunshine in the evening. I’m sure the morning sun would have the same slant but having never been up that early, I’m not in a position to profess. The evening sun, mild, red and large as it sets behind the blue ridge mountains throws a sunlight that falls so softly, transforming everything into such a nostalgic frame. You walk past lakes, bustops, buildings and every scene seems worth a great shot. If you ever need to take a picture of friends/family to frame, do take it in the evening sunshine.

 One beam finds its way into my window, and I love to gaze out into the horizon. Just for a moment to pretend to be part of something magnamous and fantastical. And what do you know, sometimes you dont need to pretend after all.


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