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The Charm in Old Songs

The charm in old songs,

hummed and hummed a million times before

and at each turn, a new understanding

of the words written long ago;

Affecting many generations later, an intellectual mind

a mind in love, a mind thats lost or a mind thats free.

The charm in old songs,

that brings up a sepia picture in your mind,

along with a warm feeling,

and a sad ache in your heart.

Holding within it the permenance of your past,

the future, with better things to come.

The old songs and their charm,

that’ll always remain

along with hope and faith in your heart.


To a Wild Rose


..And the boy a rose did see,

a rose standing in the field

blossoming in innocence.

awed by the color it did yield

a never ending fascination,

for the crimson color

of the rose standing in the field..

– Composed by Schubert

The poem by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Heidenroslein:

A boy saw a rose,
A rose on the heather,
So young and beautiful as the morning,
He ran quickly to see it more closely
And looked at it with great pleasure.
Rose, rose, red rose,
Rose on the heather.

The boy said “I’m going to pick you,
Rose on the heather.”
The rose said: “I’ll prick you,
So that you’ll always remember me,
And I will not let you.”
Rose, rose, red rose,
Rose on the heather.

And the wild boy picked
The rose on the heather;
The rose fought back and pricked him,
Her complaints did her no good,
She had to let it happen.
Rose, rose, red rose,
Rose on the heather.