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Flashes of Orange

I have two little souls in front of me. To think of the magnitude of having two lives literally at your disposal is scary. At present they’re skimming the surface of the water, eating the ground fish-food that’s just been fed to them.


In this big house, inside that small bowl is concentrated a high density of very active life forms. At first glance its nothing more than two flashes of orange. On their own, all day long within that small bowl. They bang against the walls, chase their reflection and fight with each other. Again, all within the confines of these glass walls.

I guess I love them a lot. It seems hard to say, Scientists say that the average goldfish has a memory span of 3 seconds. Which means that they can effectively forget what they sensed 3 seconds ago. Well, scientists say a lot of things. These fishes have developed a memory span much beyond what they should have. I can just see them, getting frantic as they se that I’m about to give the food; they just know its feeding time. How can something so primitive recognize the presence of a life external to its environment? It’s nice to see them anticipate and then grab at food, pretty cute. To hear the crackle as they eat is cuter still. Watching them sleep is funny, and let me tell you, the temptation to give the bowl a quick spin as while they’re sleeping is tremendous.


All this and they’re hardly anything. Some 3 cm long. Their bowl occupies the centre of the spare table in the middle hall. What is so special about these guppies? They don’t seem to ‘belong’ to me as such. Apart from being cute, I just don’t know the equation as a pet. Fishes as pets aren’t very expressive in their affections to their masters. Hell, how can they be? But I do feel something. I can feel something for sure. Maybe it’s the fact that they force you to sit and look. You could stare and stare at their movements and never get bored of it. It’s a meditation of sorts. The next thing I guess is that they give you a good perspective of things. You’re like a giant viewing the trivialities of their earth. The fishes do look darn busy, and I bet they are. You can sit on the table and just look at two lives swimming about the bowl. I once watched the long tailed one for 25 mins chasing its own reflection all across the glass walls. And it dint stop at 25 mins, I just got very dizzy. Oh what pure purposeful joy one can see on their face as they combat their reflections, or grab another mouthful of the abundant food that’s anyway present in the bowl. Aren’t most of us like that? Wrapped up in our 3 sq inch bowls and so occupied in going round in circles.


That’s just it. So fascinating about these fishes is that they force you to be philosophical. They make you think all kinds of theory and Sigmund interpretations and then make you chuck it all. Just like that, out the window. That’s all there is to being philosophical: simplifying. The fishes don’t want the meaning of life explained to them, cause it wouldn’t make a difference. They’d still have the same glass bowl. The trick I guess is to see the joy in banging your head against the glass and running around in circles. A larger fry would dare to dream, go beyond the confines and limits and to a establish a new world order. I’d like to read its success story. But what I love to do is watch my fishes in their bowl. To see their orange tails and fins dart about busily in their little glass bowl.


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