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Manichithra Thazam


Varuvanillarumen orunaallumeevazhik ariyaam athennalumennum,
Priyamulloraallaro varuvanudennu njaan veruthe mohikkumallo,
Ennum veruthe mohikkumallo.

Palavattom pookalam vazhithetti poyittorunaallum pookkamankombil,
athinayi mathramayoruneram rithumaari madumaasamanayarundallo..
Varuvanillarumee vijanama eevazhikkariyaam athennalumennum
padivaathilolam chennakalathavazhiyake mizhipaaki nilkarundallo
mizhipaaki nilkarundallo..
Priyamulloralaro varumennu njaanennum veruthe mohikkumallo..

Varummennu chollippirinjupoyillarum ariyam athennalumennum,
Pathivaayi njaanende padivathilenthino pakuthiye chaararullallo,
Priyamulloralaro varuvanudennu njaan veruthe mohikkumallo..

Ninayatha nerathen padivaathilil oru pathavinyasankethapole
Varavaayalorunaalum piryiathen madhumasam oru mathra konduvannalo
Innu orumathra konduvannengo..
Kothiyode odichennakalathavazhiyilekkirukannum neetunna neram
vazhithetti vannaro pakuthikkuvachente vazhiye thirichu pokunnu
ente vazhiye thirichupokunnu..

Translation: This song from the movie Manichitra Thalam was originally a poem, and has been amazingly adapted as a ballad.. thanks to Ms. Chitra’s voice. Its a song sung in passing thought and yet is powerful. I cannot translate the essence of this song, and there lies one of the toughest pieces that i shall ever attempt to write. Here is a laymans translation.. the poem above says nothing more than what i’ve translated below, but its what’s written between and beyond the lines in the original one that is missing.

No one shall come this trodden way i know, and yet,a loved one shall come one day I idly wish. I idly dream.

Many times has spring forgot this mango tree, and this tree that’s never blossomed before might just change seasons and bloom one day.

No one’s there who’d walk this way and yet I lay my eyes on that path, for a loved one shall come someday.

Oh, they say they’ll come back and they dont, i know.. and yet I wait at my ordained step at the door, for a loved one may come someday i idly wish.

When time doesnt move, like a comma i stand and wait.. for once spring come it shall never leave and shall bring with it my hope.

I hear the sounds! I run to the gates with eager steps and stretch my sight to the path.. only to see a lost traveller retracing his wrong steps, going back from my way. Going away from me.


Pazham Thamizh Paattizhayum

 Pazham tamizh paattizhayum shruthiyil, pazhayoru thamburu thengi
Manichitra thaazhinullil veruthe nilavara maina mayangi;
Sarasa sundharee mani nee alasamaayurangiyo,
Kanavuneytharaathmaraagam mizhikalil polinjuvo?
Viralil ninnum vazhuthi veenu virasamaayoraadhi thaalam..

Viraha gaanam vithumbi nilkkum veena polum mounamaay,
Vidhurayaamee veenapoovin ithalarinja nombaram;
Kanmathilum kaarirulum kandarinja vingalukal.. 
Kulirinullil swayamirangi kadha menanja paingilee,
Swaramurangum naavilenthe varimaranna pallavi
Manjurayum raavarayil maamalaraay nee pozhinju..

Translation: The title track of this movie, sung in introspection by the main protagonist is yet another moving composition. Extremely allegorical, it talks about the mind and how entrenched it can become in a fantasy, or in the past, or just in a desire.

Within an olden song’s music, an old tambura sounded,

and inside the ornate lock, a little bird dreamed.

“Oh beautiful lock, has laziness lulled you to sleep? Your soul’s song, like a dream, have you in your eyes wrapped?”

From between my fingers a meloncholy rhythm, slipps and falls away.


Comments on: "Manichithra Thazam" (9)

  1. anirudh said:

    are u crazy..?

    i mean.., it just breaks a hole thru sanity..

    Brilliant nevertheless,.. i thought i waz up there, as a premium fan.., in one of the premium clubs,.. of the movie., the two songs mentioned…

    and i m kinda left to seriously retrospect… :p

    Hats off… for that translation and just for the simple thing as to remembering the same

    …in this world of trails and pathways left by the westerners…

    • Hey hey.. one amazing movie deserves more than two amazing fans :D. Glad you liked the post, rudimentary as it is.
      How’d you find it?!

  2. Anirudh said:

    yeah., what is it….? that’s between the lines, that transpires beyond words, that that’s so difficult to depict.

    Tough job.. but a gud one…

    Acknowledged 🙂

  3. Amazing translation! Of course these are songs that cannot really be captured and much is lost in translation…but that is not a comment on your ability (which, to produce such a beautiful translation, is quite great) but on the combined genius of the Radhakrishnan, Muttam and Chithra. You’ve done a great job bringing out the beauty of the lyrics…for the rest, the non-malayalam speakers will just have to use their ears, eyes and imagination. 🙂

  4. Anuradha Pisharody said:

    Thank you! Is all I have to say….you seem to be a very interesting person with varied interests. Lot of it similar to me, also a micro graduate and one yr M.Sc., discontinued for wedded bliss. Half life gone, right? But that’s true as I am almost there!

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  6. Awsome explenation in a very good language

    But the following part needs some correction it seems

    Palavattom pookalam vazhithetti poyittorunaallum pookkamankombil,
    athinayi mathramayoruneram rithumaari madumaasamanayarundallo..

    is wrong.

    The poet tells when all flowers gets blossomed on spring the mango tree won’t get blossomed. But for making mango tree get blossomed some other month comes.

    same way the spring is getting over without flowering my life. Still i hopes as the mango tree some other season will come which will make my life more colourful

  7. Thank you so much for this. I normally just listen to American pop. But their lyrics and compositions cannot be even compared to the transcendental lyrics and the dynamic compositions in Malayalam songs.

  8. A billion thanks to you for posting this. I think of sharing this with a few of my Marathi friends.

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