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Move it.

Lazy buggers…. comfortable on that ass are we? What do you do?? Download songs? for how long.. eventually you’ll end up having a more than redundant collection of so many songs you probably wouldn’t ever listen to it. How long can you check out sites, create profiles and chat?? orkut’s one thing, but for how long??

I say, move it. Just pull the plug out of the socket, don’t bother with the shut down menu and all. Get into a decent dress and get out. Where to? anywhere.. doesn’t really matter. Its pretty simple, if someone were to tell you that today is the last day of your life would you sit in front of this screen and waste time? uh… ok, maybe you would. Lets try another angle, what would you normally do if the power were to go out and your mp3 player aint with you and there are no books (good ones) to read? ah…. now you’re at it.

Go out for a walk.

The benefits of walking are so much, that if i ever got down to writing it all, blogspot would sue me for crossing my space limit. Oh, this is wordpress right…. hmmm, well they may do something too. What i’m trying to say in this drawn out way is that, well… read on, i’m sure i’ll get it somewhere down the line.

Its easy to give excuses, say the roads are bad.. too hot, too cold… too normal, too crowded, too lonely… anything. Its real hard to get that push, that sudden loss of reason that pushes you out. Once you’re out and walking, then its a different issue. Walking aimlessly is a gift guys, and if you happen to be the unfortunate many who don’t have it.. have heart, cause it can be acquired. Some ppl walk for losing weight, some to get somewhere, and some… walk to just walk. Its easy to identify these third types of ‘some’. They’ll be at a natural pace, rather slow actually. Most identifiably they’ll all have this smile on them. A rather lunatic smile, as if someone doped or really mad. They’ll look like they’re at peace with the whole world. And know what? they are. Just walk and you’ll know. These walkers look at trees, the sky, or gaze absentmindedly while pondering on a love, a place or a movie. There are many other things they may contemplate on.. but these are the most probable. They flit from place to place, they’ll pass by everything and just go on. Pass the playground, the garden, the shops, the temple, the homes… pass on alright. never belonging anywhere in particular. If it happens that they do stop and join any place that they were to pass on…. *sigh*…. that’s the loss of a walker. No longer is he a walker, cause he now has a place to belong.

 Walking can teach you a lot. And that’s surprising, cause you’re the only one you can learn from walking. So if its teaching you something that you didn’t know you knew… it must be your sub-conscious. So, walking helps you get answers from the sub-conscious. Ok, now i’m sounding like some self-help book author. I’ll put it simply, walking helps you think. As simple as that. You walk, you get the wheels turning. At first its physical, the act of getting your legs into a repetitive and constant motion. At a certain point you wont actually have to move them, they’ll walk on their own. Once this happens, the wheels in your head start turning. you’ll start thinking, at first in a very random way. But trust me, as you walk on something concrete and startling will come up. Not something life-changing, but something startling nevertheless. Its a form of meditation… let loose the body to let free the soul kind.

 Walking’s great for the body too btw, that’s if you manage not to trip on a stone or bend your ankle or graze your knee or come under a vehicle or get bitten by dogs, mauled by crows….

So there you have it. Complete food for the body and soul. Doesn’t get better than this now does it??  its not very hard, the first step is switching off the PC. The rest are rather simple, just remember not to think too much. Thinking while stationary is injurious… very injurious. Leave thinking for the exam hour or while walking.

 In the words of one great man, Keep Walking.