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Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi

The movie:The 70’s generation, 3 ppl, different mindsets. Their beliefs, they’re lives. A thousand desires. But this movie isn’t about the era of emergency, or the uprising in Bihar, about India or Politics. Its end is support to the fact that this movie is just about us, the mind. The 3 protagonists could be living in 2006… and their actions could have the same conflicts. Its just that the director chose to keep it in the 1970’s… and good for him, cause its come out well. Some chose one way, some choose another. Neither is wrong. Some take turns… some don’t. It really doesn’t matter.

The song:Mann Bawara. Sums up the entire movie.

More on the movie later.

The Idea:Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi. Its nicely summed up in the song ‘mann bawara’ thats repeats throughout the movie. At the end of it all, there is no change. No revolution…. nothing happens. You could ask what i expected would happen. I dont know between Vikram and sidharth who was right, partly cause there never is a right or wrong. Maybe i expected sid to die in Bihar… at the expense of his dream for a revolution. Maybe i expected Geetha to finally give up, get tired of it… and get over her first love. Maybe that vikram would carry on with his life, cause he took the road most oft chosen.

But none of that happened. And it just goes to show that nothing matters. The mind is a funny thing, can convince the spirit of anything. Can convince you you’re in love, can convince you its right, can convince and idea any belief it fancies. And as soon as the mind wavers, it can convince you that what’s now is right. I bet its something to do with the tendency of human beings to place themselves first. Call it selfishness, i call it survival.

But here, i’m drifting. Will explore that topic later. My point here was… a thousand wishes. Its a frivolous thing, this mind. Now here now not. And as a result anything we do now, any major decision.. engg or science? Biochem or biotech? geetha or riya? nothing matters. The end result is concerned with the real-time mood that the mind fancies itself to be. Chanchal… there was a quote about the mind in my sanskrit texts that i cant quite remember, will have to look it up.

A thousand desires such as these and more. If only I knew what to wish for.

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