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Deccan Winter

Most of you may associate winter with white snow covered streets and christmas. But in a different part of the world, my part, winter’s just another month. Tropical climates dont have a winter, and yet as i woke up today i could feel that winter has come.

Winter is not justing a lowering of the temperature. Even without snow, sleet or a minus-degree weather its winter here. There’s a crisp, fresh breeze around. And the sound it makes as it flutters the leaves from their trees is a dry rustle, so characteristic of winter. More important to me is the sky.. a clear clear blue, for as long and as far as the eye can see. There are cirrus clouds scattered everywhere, with a few cumulus indicating that summer hasn’t truly left yet. You can go up to the terrace and the sun would probably burn you, but the breeze that’s just so fresh, and the sky’s just so pretty… i doubt you’ll feel the sun.

The misty mornings haven’t begun, and the delays in the airport due to fog are yet to be reported, but its winter alright. Bright sunlight, warm, compensated for by the cool breeze.

 Winter is so here.


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