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Don’t Stop Writing

This is supposedly my page but I’m already writing it for the sake of others. I dont know why, but I have a need to reaffirm to myself that thinking is not bad, that thinking is not rare.

Thoughts have a way of their own. Sometimes while thinking long, a thought may form that seems beyond your abilities. It comes easier as you write, that an idle thought grows into a mature idea.
One thing I constantly try is not to restrict my thoughts by any boundary. Narrow mindedness is a perfect waste of a good mind. There is no point in having a brain, in having the power to think if all one can see is one’s own nose.

 Apart from that, there’s something in writing that takes the place of a pretty picture. Thanks to the habit of writing I developed earlier on,  I still have accounts of my 5th std teacher that everytime I read gives a new insight. Not about the teacher, about how my mind used to work at that time. With each reading comes a new understanding of how a 10 yr old used to think.

 Thats just the thing about writing, and reading for that matter. When you write, you transfer your point of views to the paper. Your character, your mode of thinking are stripped naked onto that piece where you write all down. And when you read, you are not only learning about some event accounted but you are peeping into the mind of the author. When i read O Henry, i can feel the way he must have thought, of how his views might have been modelled. Anyone who’s read Ayn Rand will know how strongly capitalistic her views were and how she felt about money and the right to own it. Anybody who’s ventured Thomas Hardy would know what a fatalist view he must have had of life, if not melancholic.

Its just that. Writing involves letting your ideas, your perspectives and thoughts out and reading involves gathering someone elses perspective. Reading, if not writing, is how a thinking mind develops. (Here again, it’s my opinion coming out.)

I write so that I may have my memories stored, and years from now it would feel like talking to the past. I write so that I may know how I have changed, and how I was wrong/right. I write so that what I have been shall not fade into the evening sky subtly, but with a mark etched in someone’s mind.


Comments on: "Don’t Stop Writing" (2)

  1. I thought thinking is easier that writing. And when you write what you think it ends up being stupid… at least in my case. like i say… lack of creativity. 🙂

  2. Hmm.. I hadn’t read this one in a while.
    And it does end up a lil stupid, but I think I can live with that :).

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